More than a sign of hope…a sense of purpose!

Garlic April 2012

The picture you see above is called Allium Sativa or more commonly called Garlic.  It was planted by last year’s group of “Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners.”  Last year the kids were fascinated by the notion that something they planted then was not going to die over the winter and actually grow big and strong come spring.  Well, lo and behold the magic of Mother Nature.  You plant a seed (in this case a few bulbs) and due to the wondrous force that nature is, it grows into a living and productive plant that will make a minor, yet, significant contribution to our food chain.  There’s a “life” lesson even in that for our young wards. 

As an adult with a pretty diverse palate it’s easy for me to understand the importance of the many types of plants (fruit and vegetables) that contribute to the food chain.  Our young gardeners are starting to show a little more understanding and appreciation too…about the food and themselves.  It’s really cool when you see on the faces or in the eyes their fascination of garlic’s evolutionary process from planting a bulb to eating a bulb.  And there’s that feeling of pride from knowing that they have taken a collective and individual step forward, by ensuring that there will be something for them or for others to come back to in the spring of 2012. 

I believe that they had an unspoken but unified sense of purpose when planting the garlic bulbs, even the ones that knew they weren’t coming back.  They expected what they started to carry on…go forward…to endure!  And for anybody that came to the garden looking for just a sign of hope, the bet is they walked away with a sense of purpose too!

Looking for a way to help or support the inspired students of Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners, contact:

Additionally, we are having a garden kick-off on Saturday, May 12th.  It starts at 10:00a.m. and it stops when everything is done.  It’s at Nolan Elementary-Middle School.  The address is 1150 Lantz.  For you googlers it is in the 48203 zip code.  Look below to see the information on the flyer.


BE Culturally Exposed 

Invites you to the 2012 Garden Kick-Off

Of the Nolan Community School Garden


May 12, 2012 10:00 AM – Until

Building Raised Beds , Planting, Garden Bed  Clean-up

Food & Beverages Provided

Please bring your gloves & plenty of energy!!!!!!

Call me with any questions at 313-804-6776. Bonnie Odom-Brown-, Garden Coordinator



This project is a partnership with




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