It’s Not All About Playing In The Dirt!

The Fierce Gardeners of Nolan Elementary-Middle School have the opportunity to do more than plant a garden. As part of our mission, BE Culturally Exposed makes an effort to expose the children to very diverse, educational and entertaining experiences. One such event took place last November and another took place just last month, April. Both events provided very positive benefits for those that participated.

BE Culturally Exposed and its partners setup an outing to the movies which took place during the Christmas break from school. The gardeners and I spent an afternoon at the movies to see “We Bought A Zoo”. The message of the movie was all about family and following your dreams. After the movie, they enjoyed lunch and were surprised with school supplies donated by Snelling Staffing Services. This donation enabled the students to return to school ready to learn with brand new tools in hand.

 Picture This

This past April, some of the returning and new gardeners made a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA) to participate in Reveal Detroit. This project allows the youth to have a camera provided by the DIA to use in taking pictures of their environment. The pictures are intended to represent what Detroit means to them and their neighborhood.

In addition to the cameras our children got a chance to spend some quality time at the museum. For some it was their very first time and they were quite impressed. I am proud to be able to expose these kids through BE Culturally Exposed, and hopefully others, to historic and socially significant establishments like the DIA.

As part of the program, the DIA requested that the cameras be returned so that they could create an exhibit/display slated to open to the public at the main branch of the Detroit Public Library sometime in June. We hope that some of our kids photos will be included. That would make it extra special for them I am sure. We will post more information about the display so that you can go out and see Detroit from the perspective of our youth, from across the city, as well as from the eyes of our gardeners.

Bonnie Odom-Brown, BE Culturally Exposed



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