Res-ur-rec-tion  [rez-uh-rek-shuhn]


  1. the act of rising from the dead
  2. a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival

Many of our readers, near and far, have asked for an update on the garden since the vandalism that took place over the last two weeks of June.  The following pictures, taken on July 6th, demonstrate the strength, character, dedication and resolve of Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners.  These kids will not be denied their full gardening experience.  They have worked twice as hard for it to get to where it is now (and beyond) and they are, rightfully so, very proud of their efforts.

Our most recent blogs talk about how the kids have taken on more responsibility in and out of the garden and these pictures clearly show what’s motivating them.  Some of the plants that they have successfully sold at market have come from this very garden and by the looks of things, come August, there will be even more for them to eat and sell!

As we approached…

What a comeback…Beautiful Kale!

Collard Greens on the rebound!

One week later little melons appeared!

These potato plants had been hacked down into nubs!

and Zuchinni
You wouldn’t believe how they looked two weeks prior

Even our “potted” plants came back!

You don’t want to know where these tomato plants started from

Do you believe in miracles?

Re-demp-tion  [re-demp-shuhn]



  1. an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed
  2. deliverance; rescue

This act of redemption couldn’t have been accomplished without the hard work and support of the following:

Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners

Bonnie Odom-Brown, B.E. Culturally Exposed

Maura Ryan-Kaiser & Family w/Staff of Snelling Staffing Services

Michigan First Credit Union

The Greening of Detroit/Garden Resource Program

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