The End Of The Beginning – She Leaves H_ _ _ T P _ _ _ _ S!

First things first!  By the end of this story you will be able to fill in the blanks…

I was sitting around one day after dinner with a bunch of friends and quite naturally the conversation shifted to my work with the kids at the “Planting The Seeds” garden.  They wanted to hear about the latest events and activities at the garden and they especially wanted to know more about the “little” lady that ran the program, BE Culturally Exposed.  As I explained to them who Bonnie was, what she does and how she does things (I call her Lisa because she reminds me of the show Green Acres as she uses her car to haul all sorts of things), it dawned upon me that the words I was using were actually a little too simple and the meaning of said words didn’t go deep enough to describe the type of person she was and what she means to the kids and perhaps to any regular observer of the garden.  So after my friends left, I sat down and tried to find the right word or group of words that described her exactly as she was.  I used words like absolute, because Bonnie is positive, actual, real and unquestionably genuine.  The word beautify because Bonnie beautifies the environment and everything that is within her sphere.  Certifiable, came to mind also.  Not as an insult though, but because you have to be crazy to do what Bonnie has done to make the garden successful and to provide such an important and relevant program for the kids.  Dedicated is one of the words that is so obvious and it is painfully inadequate in this case to describe why she does what she does. Teamplayer…the dynamic relationship with Ms. Maura is strengthened by the fact they can work together in pursuit of the same positive goal.  I went on and on until it dawned on me, Bonnie is all of the above and them some because she does something totally unique…Bonnie Elizabeth of the little hands and the big heart, leaves “heartprints”.  Like kids that leave their fingerprints on walls, doorknobs, and tables, Bonnie leaves indelible heartprints on whatever and whomever she touches.  Heartprints of compassion…of understanding and love.  Heartprints of kindness and genuine concern.  If I were to ask the kids at the garden how they felt about her, I am confident that they all would say that they have felt her touch and that they all sense the love for them that is deep within her heart.  She has left her identity on each and every one of them.  As the kids grow up and go their separate ways, Ms. Bonnie as they call her, will be with them forever.  And why not?  It’s as clear as a dewdrop on a rose petal, her heartprints are all over them!

Now Do I Have To Spell It Out For Ya!

“I spend many many hours coordinating the garden activities; transporting water and dirt, getting juice, snacks and water for the kids, lining up volunteers to help, and devoting my time to providing this positive activity for the youth of Nolan School community. I do it partly to give back to a school that both of my children attended. But I also do it because I have seen the joy in the kids eyes when they realize that someone really cares enough to provide for them this positive opportunity to learn about where their food comes from”.

B.E. Odom-Brown, June 2012


Thanks Ms. Bonnie For Your Tremendous Heart!

Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners

Maura Ryan-Kaiser

Arthur Littsey



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