The End Of The Beginning – Moving Towards The End…Harvesting!


Let me begin with saying “Thanks to all of you that have found the time to read our little blog”.  We have followers from all over the world and we appreciate the interest in our small and humble effort…the Planting The Seeds Garden, managed by Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners.  Our garden drives home the point that the other community gardeners are making here in Detroit and across the United States…through positive attitudes, healthy food can be an easy option in urban areas.  This is a throwback to the times, for most of our gardeners, of their grandparents and great aunts and uncles…for them easily a generation or two ago.  A time when the “village” raised the children…everybody’s children.

So what we have here is a series of pictures as we are starting to close down the garden in August, September and October.  The weather being what it was, the school garden had a very long run.  There was lettuce that was still growing in November (that was the last time I looked…who knows, it was probably still growing up to the snowfall right before Christmas).  I have often wondered how much the kids would have harvested if we hadn’t been vandalized twice.  Putting aside any negatives thoughts, when I look at these pictures I get a very warm feeling inside.  I know the effort it took for the garden to look like this…at any point, but especially at the time when the pictures were taken.  It’s not hard to go back to when it all started…the volunteer help we had on the very first day, the ongoing efforts of Snelling Staffing Services employee/volunteers, the guidance provided by the Greening of Detroit (Lindsay Pielack and her group), the financial and material support provided by Sandra Tomlin/Michigan First Credit Union and the leadership, drive and commitment of Bonnie Odom-Brown and Maura Ryan-Kaiser, BE Culturally Exposed and Snelling Staffing Services, respectively.  Even with all of this help, the kids put in a lot of hours over the summer and they deserved this outcome…nature, in all its splendour…God, in his Glory!  Say Amen!

One thing I must reveal is that there are just a few pictures from the Harvest Picnic.  The reason for that was we were all too busy to pick up a camera.  The focus was on the kids really, as they showed off the garden to their parents, harvested some veggies (yes, they worked that day too!), received their end-of-the-season compensation, along with book bags, food harvest bags, school supplies and lots and lots of food*.  It was a great time and very satisfying to watch.

So are you ready for our magical tour?  Then, everybody sing along with me…

Green acres is the place to be.

Farm livin’ is the life for me.

Land spreadin’ out so far and wide

Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside!**

What have we here?


Zucchini...very impressive!

Zucchini…very impressive!


A real pleasure to find…

Are you ready for some "fried green tomatoes"?

Are you ready for some “fried green tomatoes”?


From a tiny seed…


Look at what I’ve found!

Kale...little soldiers all in a row!

Kale…little soldiers all in a row!

Beans...beans good for the heart!

Beans…beans good for the heart!

Our new sign on display!

Our new sign on display!

The view from afar!

The view from afar!

This is how it looked in early October...nice, eh?

This is how it looked in early October…nice, eh?

October 2012

October 2012

Program Founder and Coordinator

Bonnie Odom-Brown

BE Culturally Exposed


Founding Sponsor




Presenting Sponsor

MIFCU logo and tagline

The Greening of Detroit




*Food Sponsor:  Mazin Shina/Imperial Supermarket

**The Theme from “Green Acres” (TV show)

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The End Of The Beginning – A Letter Of Appreciation To Ms. Maura

The End Of The Beginning – This Is The World Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners Made!

The End Of The Beginning!

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