It’s The Garden Life

In the past, writing this blog, I have been able to stay in the background, acting more like an observer rather than an actual participant out in the field.  Yes, more often than not my colleagues came to me for answers on gardening tactics and techniques, but it was being in the background that enabled me to write, if I say so myself, such inspired content as “A Letter of Appreciation To Ms. Maura and She L_ _ _ _ s H _ _ _ t P _ _ _ _ s!

So, surprisingly, I have been in the garden this year in a more hands on role.  And even though my first experience working with the students wasn’t the last experience of that (humorous) nature, I learned something from that single experience and every time I was out with the young students of Nolan Elementary Middle School.  I must admit that I doubt if they knew anything about the original Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners, they are probably too young and unaware to care, but this new bunch, just like the school itself, is ready to blaze its own trail and forge its own destiny.

What I really like about this group is their attention to detail.  Of course I can’t say this about all of them all of the time, but most of them most of the time was better than a sharp stick in the eye.  You wouldn’t think that with their dancing eyes, turbo charged bodies and electric minds, they would notice much or remember what they were told from day by day, let alone week by week.  Or that they took their garden knowledge home with them too.  I was happy to hear that one little girl while helping her mother plant some flowers, she showed her mom “the right way”, the way she was taught in the garden.  Their curiosity was never ending…the questions kept right on coming even up to harvest time.  Ahhhhh harvest time, that definitely has to be another story.  But before we get to that, there’s a whole summer to talk about.

We're in "good hands"

We’re in “good hands”

Thanks to the following for their effort and support!


Nolan Elementary Middle School Administration and Staff

Principal Angela Underwood

Vice Principal Dwayne Richardson

DeAndrea Rogers

Parent & Community Involvement Specialist


Bonnie Odom-Brown, B.E. Culturally Exposed


Sandra Tomlin, Vice President, Community Affairs

MIFCU logo and tagline

Maura Ryan-Kaiser, Family & Staff (Volunteers)





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    Nancy Bowman said,

    I still believe this is the greatest idea ever. The children are learning valuable lessons that will be with them for the rest of their lives. it’s more than just gardening, it’s the following through to a finished product, with hands on nurturing in between.

    There is no better feeling than a sense of accomplishment and then to be able to bring the fruit of their labor home to their families must give them a great deal of pride.

    It’s opening up a whole new world for them.

    Great job “TEAM”.

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