Who’s Minding the Store? The Ladies of Nolan Elementary-Middle School (Part 2)

Along with Principal Underwood, came DeAndrea Rogers, she likes to be called DeDe by her friends, but for decorum sake we will remain formal.  Which by the way, in no way does that describe her.  Ms. Rogers is the Parent and Community Involvement Specialist for the school.  She and Ms. Underwood are quite close and they have a dynamic rapport …teammates…that’s a joy to witness.  I would have to say that she is very good at her job.  Her enthusiasm is effectively contagious.  She has bridged the authority figure/friend gap with the students so that she can “hang” with the kids and still hold their respect.  She relates well with everybody and in doing so has created an extensive network of suppliers/promoters/sponsors.  With her ear to the ground she tries to be aware of the needs of the students and the community which they come from.  From computer labs to career fairs and everything in between, DeAndrea strives to ensure that the Nolan student’s day is intellectually relevant as well as entertaining.

“I moved to Detroit, Michigan a year ago and I was charged with increasing parental involvement numbers as well as recruiting community partners to work with the students at Nolan. B.E. Culturally Exposed made my job easier by approaching us with this amazing opportunity. Since this collaboration and partnership it has been an amazing experience to say the least. Nolan was a school with limited to no resources upon my arrival and now we are thriving better due to the fact of an organization like B.E. Culturally Exposed that not only offer a Garden Club to our students, but also includes staff and parents to get involved.”

— DeAndrea Rogers–

None of which would be possible if it wasn’t for the fact the Rogers and Underwood work very well together.  They share a great story, working together in Kansas City…moving to Detroit to be part of a new educational program/process and in the process they have more than embraced the school garden and the efforts of those that have put a lot of time and energy in it, the garden, and the people that have worked so hard to make it happen.

“I personally love gardening, but it’s so amazing to see the students not only engaged in the process but actually wanting to eat healthier. As the Parent and Community Involvement Specialist, I’m approached daily by students that want to sign up to be in the Garden Club to learn about all the amazing things that the students are learning and participating in. I even have students that want to stop doing one club to join the Garden Club. While Nolan has grown to have over 65 community partners, B.E. Culturally Exposed is one of our top, highly rated collaborations.”

–DeAndrea Rogers–

“In addition to the Garden Club, there are a variety of other clubs and activities students may now participate in during and after the school day. Some examples of extra-curricular activities now available to Nolan students include: Chess Club, Glee Club, Recycling Club, Dance Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Spanish Club, Strings, Drum Line, Keyboarding, Art, Basketball, Cheerleading, Mentoring, and Student Council.”

–Principal Angela Underwood–

Nolan School Support Groups/Organizations

P.A.L. (Police Athletic League); C.U.P. (Community United for Progress); Detroit Wolverines Football League; Vintage Healthcare (Louisville, Kentucky); Solid Rock Church of Detroit; St. Johns Health Clinic; Davison Missionary Baptist Church; Boy & Girl Scouts; Michigan Opera House; Big Brothers & Big Sisters; Michigan Barber College; Trademark Studios; Pleasant Grove Baptist Church; B.I.C. Patrol (Bringing In Changes); Detroit Economic Growth Corporation; Market Day; I.C.A.A. (Inter Church Athletic Association); Kutz Barber Shop; Dutch Girl Donuts; Kroger Supermarket; Wayne State University; Detroit Parent Network; Detroit Police Department.


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