Extra Extra…Read All About It! Nolan Boy Scouts Help Garden Club!

On July 25th, Boy Scout Troop 1320 and Cub Scout Pack 1318 came out to help Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners (Nolan Elementary-Middle School) tend to their crops.  They were all trying to get some community service under their belt as they were working towards their merit badges.   This day’s effort was coordinated by Ms. DeAndrea Rogers, the school’s Parent and Community Involvement Specialist.   It kind of reminds me of way back in 1959, when unbeknownst to my parents I signed up for the cub scouts.  This was after they had told my oldest brother, Isaac, “NO” several times.  Well I can thank him for wearing them down, because by the time they found out, I had signed up and they let me join without a hitch.  A new strategy was thereby born – -“Don’t Ask…Just Do!”  Gee, I had all the trimmings too!  The full uniform, the wallet, gloves, telegraph set…I was all in.  I earned several merit badges, too.  My mom came to all of the award ceremonies.  There was plenty of upside for Little Arthur David, the middle child. The downside for me was that I had to do extra work around the house to earn my weekly pack dues.  The upside for them was that they found another loophole in the child labor laws.

So, ah yes, back to present times.  Nolan’s troops are a hard-working bunch of guys and they were eager to get to work.  Even though some of the tools were too big for them and unfamiliar they were undeterred.  Polite…they listened closely when things were explained to them and as disciplined as you could expect scouts of their age to be.  The Boy Scouts are led by Scout Master Mike Fox and the pack leader is Cub Master Sherri Stovall.  I believe that this is their first full year in operation at Nolan and it looks like they will be around for awhile.

Thanks to all that came out to help!





"Be Prepared"

“Be Prepared”

"Do a good turn daily"

“Do a good turn daily”

"Standing Proud"

“Standing Proud”

The Scout Oath 

On my honor, I will do my best,

To do my duty to God, and my country,

and to obey the scout law;

To help other people at all times;

To keep myself physically strong;

Mentally awake, and morally straight.

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    […] Extra Extra…Read All About It! Nolan Boy Scouts Help Garden Club! (beculturallyexposed.wordpress.com) […]

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    […] Extra Extra…Read All About It! Nolan Boy Scouts Help Garden Club! (beculturallyexposed.wordpress.com) […]

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    […] Extra Extra…Read All About It! Nolan Boy Scouts Help Garden Club! (beculturallyexposed.wordpress.com) […]

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