Pot Luck Picnic 2013

2013 Summer Potluck Picnic



Elementary-Middle School

“Planting the Seeds”

School Garden

on Saturday, July 27th


@ 12:00 noon3:00


will be provided!

Bring a dish to pass around!

2013 at the garden was full of changes…a lot of them.  Our student base was younger.  The support was stronger…more consistent over term.  Our goals were a little higher.  One thing we really wanted to do was to change the dynamic of the mid-season picnic. Because of the extended school semester (another change) we foresaw an opportunity to get more parents involved by having a good old-fashion “potluck” picnic.  Each young gardener took home a flyer to their parents seeking permission to attend because it was on a non-school day.  The turnout…students to parents, was better than previous years and we all had a great time.  It was nice to see the kids take their parents out to the various beds and tell them what they were growing.  If they were even a little bit like me, they were planning future dinner menus as they strolled through

 It was also significant for us to have our teacher, Ms. Carrie Hahn and the school principal, Angela Underwood and her family show up.  This reflects the new attitude that Principal Underwood and her teachers represent.  They do everything they can to reach all of the positive touch points they can.  This means that they are always pretty busy.  Busy yes, but there is no shortage of sincerity in their efforts.

There were plenty of candid moments, some that the cameras didn’t capture.  The sampling of Ms. Hahn’s homemade Kale Chips for starters!  Babies were pampered, it didn’t matter whose baby it was, on this day we were all family.  The kids, as they proudly introduced us and the garden to their parents.  There were the moments where we could talk directly to each parent about how well their child was doing and how hard they worked.  There were compliments from the parents as well.  You could see how proud they were of their little munchkins as they showed off their hard work!

Mazin Shina (Imperial Super Market) & Bonnie Odom-Brown

Mazin Shina (Imperial Super Market) &
Bonnie Odom-Brown

2013 Summer Gardens 151

One of our garden families!

Principal Underwood getting a tour by her students

Principal Underwood getting a tour by her students

Two of our garden superstars!

Two of our garden superstars!

Ms. Hahn with her students and her brother

Ms. Hahn with her students and her brother

I'm talkin' about love...L-O-V-E!

I’m talkin’ about love…L-O-V-E

Does she like what she sees?

Does she like what she sees?

Bonnie's always working!

Bonnie’s always working!

Picnic Central!

Picnic Central!

A Special Thanks to Our Food & Supplies Sponsors…

Mazin Shina

Imperial Super Market

(8 Mile & Dequindre/Detroit)


Maura Ryan-Kaiser



Sandra Tomlin

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Bonnie Odom-Brown

B.E. Culturally Exposed



Arthur Littsey



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    It must have been a great experience. Old fashioned stuff is the best, after all old isn’t gold for nothing.

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    […] Pot Luck Picnic 2013 (beculturallyexposed.wordpress.com) […]

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    […] Pot Luck Picnic 2013 (beculturallyexposed.wordpress.com) […]

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