What Your Sons and Daughters Learned From the Garden Club

These are mostly third-graders we are talking about!

  • They learned order and discipline.  The garden is not a place for physical hijinks and bad behavior.  They had fun while showing respect for the unique environment that was theirs.
  • They learned patience through the science of plant life.  They planted seeds and watched them mature into food producing plants or flowers.

2013 Summer Gardens 206

  • They learned to focus and pay attention to detail.  Usually, they only needed to be told something once before they were capable of doing it on their own. 


  • They learned responsibility.  They were very diligent in their role as gardeners.  No one complained. 


  • They learned that work could be fun.

2013 Summer Gardens 234

2013 Summer Gardens 210



  • They got a sense of accomplishment.  When harvesting of the garden begun, August through the end of the school year, each child (estimated) had taken home 8 to 10 pounds of vegetables.  Those who came subsequently were able to take home an additional 5 to 10 pounds.

2013 Summer Gardens 212

  • They went to market where they learned social skills and earned money (age appropriate).

2013 Summer Gardens 219

2013 Summer Gardens 258

2013 Summer Gardens 237

2013 Summer Gardens 246

2013 Summer Gardens 242

2013 Summer Gardens 261

What’s Next?  Our Goals for 2014

  1. Engage with the students as early as possible (get an early start indoors as well as outdoors)

  2. Work with the Contact teacher to develop in-class activities.

  3. Attract older students (11 years and older) to take to market.

  4. Get more parents involved.

  5. Work more closely with the school food service.

  6. Develop a column for the school newsletter or other communication vehicle to the parents.

We are looking for gardeners in the classroom as well as out in the field.  Beginning in January we hope to create a few classroom projects to keep the children interested.  If you are interested in your child becoming a member of the 2014 garden club please contact Ms. Bonnie Odom-Brown at (313) 804-6776 or b.e.odom203@comcast.net.

Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners Certificate Presentation

October 9, 2013

2013 Summer Gardens 057

2013 Summer Gardens 062

2013 Summer Gardens 059

2013 Summer Gardens 060


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