Just Sittin’ Here Thinkin’ Part Four

The Great Watermelon Experiment!

One of the most anticipated events was the watermelon harvest.  After all, we had been trying to grow this plant for quite a few years without much luck.  This year, despite the fact we lost two melons early on to theft, our dream was going to be fulfilled.  We hid the remaining melons until they had grown to term and were ready for harvest.

But that’s not all we did…lol. Instead of growing the more traditional melons like “Jubilee” and “Stars and Stripes”, we grew a hybrid called “Yellow Doll” and it’s fruit was yellow instead of pink!  Our kids were surprised and at the same time disappointed.  Though it looked like a watermelon on the outside, it didn’t on the inside and therefore it tasted foreign to them.  Being allergic to melons, I was no help to them as I dared not touch the flesh.  To some of the kids it tasted more like a cucumber and for a few others it had no taste.  But for the majority of them though it may have looked like a watermelon on the outside, it definitely was not on the inside.  So much for the “looks like a duck, walks like a duck” theory!




Digital Camera


Remember those sweet potatoes I talked about in Part 1?  Well take a look!






So all in all it was a very good year.  The kids had fun…they got plenty of food to take home that they grew…we had fun…lots of fun and we are looking forward to next year, Spring 2017!



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  1. 1

    Nancy Bowman said,

    Great job! Despite all of the heat and sun we had all summer you ended up with a pretty good yield. So glad the heavens poured down on your crops!
    Every year seems to get better and better and every year I see new faces.
    Practice makes perfect.
    Best year ever coming up in 2017!

  2. 3

    Nancy Bowman said,

    Happy Holidays!!

  3. 5

    Judy Pelton said,

    nice pix, Arthur. I envy you your gardening and being able to work with the kids – so rewarding all the way around. sure would love to get some of those peppers, tomatoes, et al.

  4. 6

    So nice of you to take time out of your day to read about the gardening experiences of Detroit kids! Yes, it is very rewarding. Maybe next year we will find away to share some of our bounty with you :)!

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