BE Culturally Exposed

BE Culturally Exposed  …what exactly does that mean? The organization is dedicated to exposing youth to positive activities and experiences that provide a broader base of knowledge upon which they can make decisions. It is important that youth are aware of the many positive choices that are available to them. Imagine the possibilities that are born out of being aware of all the things that are outside of their neighborhood and individual circle. The motto of the organization is “Planting the Seeds”.

The child that sees an orchestra conductor that looks like him or her may be inspired to pursue playing an instrument instead of just listening to rap music. Attending a stage play, may lead to a choice to go into drama on stage instead of acting out on a street corner. How will they know if they are never exposed?

BE Culturally Exposed has been in existence since 2005 and has served over 200 children. Funds to support our activities come from individual and corporate donations as well as from fundraising projects.

In 2010, we expanded into gardening to help youth gain an understanding of where their food comes from. The many skills needed to plan, plant, tend and harvest a garden gives youth a greater insight into what they put into their bodies. It also helps them develop a taste for vegetables they may never have eaten before. Again, it’s about possibilities.

Bonnie Odom

To have your students or children in the BE Culturally Exposed program please contact Ms. Bonnie E. Odom at (313) 804-6776 or by email at .

BE Culturally Exposed is a 501 (C)3 organization


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