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Welcome To Planting The Seeds

Planting The Seeds is the blog/website dedicated to detailing the efforts of planting and maintaining a garden at Nolan Elementary.  It takes its name from the motto of “BE Culturally Exposed”, the program created by Bonnie Odom.  Here you will find the story behind the people that manage, support and work in the garden.  The garden with the support of the programs of the Greening of Detroit, is in its first year at this location, and is part of the program called Project Sweet Tomato, which was created by Arthur Littsey.  The goal of the program is to bring businesses and citizens together to foster a spirit of activism and goodwill that will have a positive impact on the community.  Snelling Staffing Services is the founding sponsor of the Nolan “Fierce Gardeners” Community Garden“!


School:  Nolan Elementary School


Location:  1150 E. Lantz Street; Detroit, Michigan 48203

Garden Club:  Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners

Garden Name:  Planting The Seeds


Garden Coordinator:  Bonnie Odom (BE Culturally Exposed)


Parent/Community Involvement Specialist:  Ms. DeAndrea “DeDe” Rogers


Principal:  Ms. Angela Underwood


Garden Sponsor:  Maura Ryan-Kaiser (Snelling Staffing Services)


We hope that you will enjoy reading about the goals and activities of this urban garden program.  Come back often as there will be regular features in these categories:

  • Contributors File – This section is dedicated to provide you with how-to information on gardening.  Included in the mix will be content provided by specialists and advocates of this garden, the program and urban gardening.
  • Events/Happenings – Information regarding events related to the Nolan garden, school activities and citywide garden programs and workshops.
  • Photo Diary – pictures of the leaders, volunteers and the community engaged in the effort of planting and maintaining an urban garden.
  • Recipes and cooking techniques showcasing the diverse culinary skills of the local community and regional recipes.
  • The Opinion and Editorial Section (Op/Ed) – this is where we get to address things that we observe around and about the urban gardening experience as it specifically relates to Nolan Elementary, the impact on the community surrounding it and the people who are seriously engaged in the effort to improve the quality of life of others where and whenever possible.

We are having a lot of fun, so just click the box above to become a subscriber, and we will share it all with you!

Volunteers are always welcome and much needed.  To volunteer, please contact Bonnie Odom by phone at (313) 804-6776 or by email

BE Culturally Exposed

Please note that this is not the official site for Nolan Elementary School.




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